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Apr 14,2013
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Hello! This is my first k-pop m’/v review, hope you like it. I’ll have more reviews to come!

Okay, I already knew ‘Gentlemen’ wasn’t going to top ‘Gangnam Style’ (I mean seriously, it has over a billion views) and I was right.

Let’s start off with the video. I wasn’t really surprised by anything, I mean it’s PSY. Look at Gangnam Style and Right Now if you have to. Nothing shocked me (except for that shot of Ga-in’s booty, lawd have mercy). Ga-in looks gorgeous as always. I didn’t really find the humor since he kept the same guys from GS so, nothing new, the thrusting guy, guy in the oppa oppa suit, c’mon? And the DANCE, he basically took Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra's dance and made it his own. WTF? Where's the originality in that? That's like Jay Park using Wonder Girl's signature Tell Me dance for his song 'Welcome'. 

Video rating: 3 out of 5

Onto the song: Not bad, not bad at all. Did he say “you so fucking sexy”? As if “aye sexy lady” wasn’t enough PSY, gosh don’t you have a wife and kids lol? I actually like this beat better than GS, I can dance to it so that’s good. Abracadabra’s I mean Gentlemen’s dance seems more easier than GS, THANK GOD. Still can’t Gangnam Style for shit, but it’s kind of a dead thing to me now, still attempting to in 2013 would be pointless.

Song rating: 4

Overall, nice song, video? Meh, could’ve been better than GS but I think we all know that that’s not gonna be possible for a while.

Thanks for reading!! ^^

Apr 14,2013 6 notes

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